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We are the best at lawn care SEO and we have plenty of data to back that up along with customers that will tell you the same thing.

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A Well Designed Website With SEO & Google Ads Is What It Takes To Get Results Online

Before we get to showing off our SEO results, it is important to understand in order to ‘find success’ online your company’s entire online presence needs to be on-point. It’s 2021 and the internet is competitive.

A website by itself will do little to nothing for your bottom line. SEO without a website designed to convert is worthless.

And, at the end of the day, you aren’t just competing against the other local company’s websites & SEO, you are competing against Yelp, Angi, HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, LawnStarter, GreenPal, and the list goes on and on. You cannot out-rank them for every keyword so you will need to have a budget for Google Ads.

Lawn Care SEO For Sam’s Personal Landscaping

Sam's Personal Landscaping Analytics Spring 2021 compared to Spring 2020

SEO Results For Sam’s Landscaping Company in the Suburbs of Atlanta, GA

To add context to the Google Analytics screenshot above, we are looking at March 1st through May 31st, 2021 compared to March 1st through May 31st in 2020.

Sam is one of our first and favorite customers.  We built Sam his company’s 1st website in the Spring of 2018 and he has been on our monthly ongoing SEO plan ever since.

Our SEO efforts alone drove 1,463 people searching for lawn care services in his service area to his website during this 3 month period in 2021.  “Other” in the pie chart above is actually his Google My Business page, which drove another 526 potential new clients to his site.

We only ran $333.77 through his ad account for him during this time span because he was already getting ‘too many leads.’

Sam's Personal Landscaping Fayetteville GA

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Website Optimization For Green Touch Lawn Care

Green Touch Lawns New Site in 2021 SEO Results

SEO Does Take Time To Work But Results Can Still Come Quickly

Green Touch Lawn Care is a perfect example to prove SEO does not always take years to kick in and produce results.  It certainly can and if your service area has more competition, that will also increase how long it takes for SEO to ‘start working.’

Santiago let us optimize his Google My Business page at the beginning of 2020.  As part of that service, we created his ‘free website’ from Google My Business.  You get what you pay for though, so Santiago didn’t get much but still noticed a significant difference in leads contacting him directly from the map pack after our service.

The website we built him went live on 1/6/21 when the Google Search Console screenshot above begins.  Within 3 months his new custom website with SEO and everything else we include with our ‘website’ service has been averaging 500 impressions in Google’s search results each week since.

Between March 17th and May 16th, we managed $283.39 of ad spend through his Google Ads account we also optimized.  At that point, Santiago asked us to pause the ads as his schedule was already full and he ‘didn’t want to grow too fast.’

Our website service without any ongoing SEO services provided allowed Santiago to reach his lawn care company’s goals for the year.

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Green Touch Lawns Mint Hill NC

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Spokane’s Finest Lawns: A Lawn Care Website, SEO, & Ads Success Story

Spokane's Finest Lawns Analytics Spring 2021 compared to Spring 2020

Spokane’s Finest Lawns Has Goals Each Year That They Expect Their Investment In Our Services To Allow Them To Reach

Jose is the owner of Spokane’s Finest Lawns and has been a long-time client of ours just like Sam.  We love working with Jose just as much as Sam because they are both savvy lawn care business owners.

Before Jose started his lawn care company he held a management position at McDonald’s.  We’re telling you this because if you know anything about McDonald’s, you know it is a money-making machine because of their systems – and crazy prime real estate owned but that’s getting off-topic!

Jose seriously runs his lawn care business like a ‘real business.’  He’s not another guy that liked cutting grass so he started his own lawn care company – that is how the owner of iGoPro Marketing started his lawn care business back in 2008 by the way!

Jose’s employees know exactly how each service is expected to be performed just as McDonald’s trains their employees to do the same.  This level of detail extends to his expectations of us as his marketing team.  4 years in a row we’ve delivered.

Best Lawn Care Spokane Valley

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Boiling Springs Lawn Care’s Online Performance Skyrocketed The 2nd Year After Our Service

Boiling Springs Lawn Care 2020 into 2021 SEO Results

An Optimized Website Can Produce Results Without Ongoing SEO Costs

Jazz, yet another savvy lawn and landscape business owner, had us build his company’s 1st website and set up all of their online properties from scratch in the process.  Boiling Springs Lawn Care literally did not exist online as Jazz and his partners were just getting their business started when they contacted us.

The impressions and clicks their website received in Google’s search results as shown in the Google Search Console screenshot above is a very realistic expectation of a well-built website’s performance year 1 with literally nothing online referencing the company’s existence prior.

Jazz reached out to Ryan, the owner of iGoPro Marketing, in early February of 2021 to see if we had the ability to do some additional SEO work to boost the performance of their website as their company was growing.  Jazz said they would need a couple of weeks to get their new photos together and have a meeting with all of the partners to discuss the focus of the optimizations they’d like us to make.

Ryan ended up checking in with Jazz in early March to make sure everything was OK and let Jazz know that we were happy to do the work whenever they were ready.  Jazz replied there was no need for any additional work as they were already being inundated with leads and had work booked out for a couple of months already.

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Boiling Springs Lawn Care

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BNB Lawn Mowing Dominates The Search Results For ‘Lawn Mowing’ Related Searches

BNB Lawn Mowing Analytics Spring 2021 compared to Spring 2020

The Results We Can Get A Lawn and Landscape Company Online Is Only Limited By Our Clients Marketing Budget

BNB Lawn Mowing is ‘new’ version of Ryan’s lawn care company.  Ryan sold his lawn care business in the spring of 2018 to focus on internet marketing full time as he had fallen in love with it while learning the ropes after optimizing his own company’s website.

Billy Jewell is the owner of BNB Lawn Mowing.  Billy is one of Ryan’s best friends and also was a crew leader for his company, Loyal Green.  Loyal Green was run into the ground by the new owners in 2019 and no longer exists.  Billy was out of a job by mid-summer 2019 because he continued to work for the company after Ryan sold it.  Billy still wanted to cut grass, he just didn’t have the money to buy the equipment needed.

Although Ryan doesn’t physically participate in offering any services BNB Lawn Mowing offers, primarily lawn mowing, he is financially invested in the business.  Since Ryan likes his investment to yield a return, anything and everything was done to optimized BNB Lawn Mowing’s website and online presence as a whole.  The results are truly staggering…

In the 3 month span from March 1st through May 31st, 2021 shown in the Google Analytics screenshot above, 3,700 people found and clicked through to BNB Lawn Mowing’s website from the organic search results.  If your business can handle hundreds of legitimate quote requests each and every month, we can make it happen when given a realistic budget to realize these kinds of results.

BNB Lawn Mowing Florence KY

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We Love Utilizing Google Ads To Compliment Our Lawn Care SEO Services

BNB Lawn Mowing Google Ads Results

We Use Google Ads To ‘Bridge The Gap’ Between The Time We Build Our Client a Website and When ‘SEO’ Kicks In

We strongly recommend any business that wants to grow to invest in Google Search Ads specifically.  Google Search Ads are the ads you see above the map pack when a search query is of a local business.

Since SEO really does take time, Google Ads are the perfect tool for us to get our clients results fast.

If you think Google Ads don’t work for lawn care services, you are wrong.  Most people looking for a lawn care company are going to find a company to contact by word of mouth, or by searching on Google.

Google Ads allow you to position your business at the top of the search results for very specific searches AND allow you to make sure your ad is not shown if the search doesn’t match exactly the type of customer you are trying to acquire.  The Cost Per Click (CPC) varies greatly depending on a number of factors, but as you can see from the Google Ads screenshot above they can be around $1 per click. 

You may have also noticed the 9 conversions BNB Lawn Mowing received from these ads running between April 15th and May 14th of 2020.  Conversions in this case are set to trigger when a quote request form is submitted on their website.  They also received 21 calls directly from their Google Ads.  Their total ad spend for this month was a measly $231.33.

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