Lawn Care Companies Must Invest in SEO to Stay Competitive

Lawn care companies have to face fierce competition from websites when it comes to SEO competing against HomeAdvisor, Lawn Starter, Thumbtack, and many other similar powerhouse websites with huge marketing budgets.

Your local small business can compete with these big boys because this type of SEO is referred to as local SEO.  Local SEO simply means your website really only needs to rank in searches being performed by people located near your business.  You have the ‘local’ advantage against directory sites because you are an actual local business!

But, there is still a lot of work to be done before your website will outrank theirs.

Let’s Get Your Lawn Care Business Found in Relevant Local Search Results

We are up for the challenge!  Ranking lawn care websites is nothing new to us and we do it all day, every day.

If you want the experience and expertise of our team on your side, contact us to get started today.

SEO For Lawn Care Companies

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone in charge of your lawn care company’s SEO that has built and sold a lawn care business, published a book on the topic, creates lawn care content on YouTube, and sells lawn and garden parts and supplies?

Well, now you can.  That is exactly what you get when you hire iGoPro Marketing.

Crazy SEO Results

SEO Service Options

We have 2 options available to engage our SEO services for lawn care companies.

  1. Ongoing SEO Services at an agreed-upon monthly fee for a set term
  2. SEO Blocks for a 1-time fee of $1,500

Depending on your lawn care business’s current size and business goals one may be a better fit than the other.  Let’s compare the options.

Monthly SEO Services For Lawn Care Companies

Monthly SEO Services are ideal for lawn care businesses that have been in business for a couple of years and are growing, established companies, and new companies that have dollars worked into their budget for marketing.

Ongoing SEO services are ideal because of the nature of SEO.  SEO takes time and a major part of the process is collecting analytic data then making educated decisions on how to improve performance based on the website’s past and current performance.

Our Monthly SEO Service is available starting at just $250 per month for a minimum 6-month engagement.  $1,500 is the maximum amount with a cap engagement period of 18-months.  You can always renew once the term ends!

We’ll cover what we do for lawn care SEO after explaining our SEO Engagement Blocks.

SEO Engagement Blocks For Lawn Care Companies

If you are more comfortable with a 1-time fee, instead of monthly payments for SEO services for your lawn care business, our SEO Engagement Blocks may be a better choice for you.

Sometimes there are obvious things that need to be performed right now to realize an ROI from SEO services.  SEO Engagement Blocks start at $1,500 and this is just a 1-time fee.  The maximum amount for an SEO Engagement Block from iGoPro Marketing is $4,500.

Very possibly your business benefit from having us perform an SEO Engagement Block before begins Monthly SEO Services.

Year over Year SEO Improvement

What We Do For Lawn Care Business’s SEO

Here is our approach to lawn care SEO.  We don’t care to share our lawn care SEO secrets because knowing what needs to be done is one thing, knowing how to implement lawn care SEO in the correct way is another.

Here is a list of SEO Optimizations we will make for your lawn care business if you were to hire us to market your lawn care business:

  • Keyword research – We are targeting major keywords valuable to your lawn care business
  • URL structure/URL slugs – SEO-friendly
  • Page titles and meta descriptions – unique, accurate, well-written, and appropriate length
  • Minimum 300 words on all core pages
  • Image optimizations – Lightroom editing (color enhancement/plumbing, then resized, renamed, alt tagged, and compressed before going on your website
  • Internal linking of relevant pages
  • External links – sprinkled in as seen fit to provide context
  • Backlinks
  • Site Speed fully loaded on GTmetrix under 3s (On our AWS hosting assuming no unexpected desired 3rd party integrations are implemented)
  • Key citations – BBB, Angi, Yelp, & Nextdoor (And your business Facebook page, plus GMB and Bing Places – Apple Maps if you have a commercial business address)
  • Staying active on all key citations and Facebook
  • Blog content to focus on long-tail keywords
  • Creation, Verification, and Population of Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Search Console, Bing Places Bing, Webmaster Tools, Google Ads, and Google Local Services.
  • Schema Markup – Including but not limited to local business schema, review schema, FAQ schema, service catalog schema, service schema, and service area schema
  • Review embedding on your website from major review websites
  • Review fetching
  • robots.txt file and .htaccess file code snippet additions

And more…depending on the budget we have to work with, some of these optimizations may not be made.  We always implement the ‘low-hanging fruit’ SEO optimizations first to establish the foundation for more advanced SEO optimizations over time.

Our goal is to get you an ROI quickly to the extent that our service pays for itself.  And, we are damn good at it.