Basic Web Properties For Lawn Care Companies

One of the first things you will need to do when putting your lawn care business on the internet is buying your domain, setting up web hosting, and creating your company emails.

You don’t want to mess this up!  Contact us so we can make sure it gets done right the first time to save you a lot of time, money, and frustration in the future.

Let’s Get Your Domain, Set Up Web Hosting, and Create Company Emails For Your Lawn Care Business

When you are ready to get started on the internet we are here to help.

It is quick, easy, and inexpensive to have us perform these tasks for your lawn care business.  Let’s get started now.

Domains, Hosting, and Email Services For Lawn Care Companies

The first steps toward creating an online presence for a lawn care company begin with its domain, hosting, and email.

Let us set up your domain, hosting, and email for your lawn care company so you don’t run into a nightmare situation sometime in the future.

Lawn Care Domain Registration

Lawn Care Domains

You can’t have a website without owning a domain.

We recommend using an easy-to-spell, short domain name that accurately represents your business as a lawn care company.

Domains and hosting are 2 separate things.  We’ve realized there is a lot of confusion around these two topics.  Without web hosting, nothing will appear on your domain if someone were to visit your website.

Lawn Care Website Hosting

Web Hosting For Lawn Care Websites

Your choice in web hosting matters!  A quality host will allow your website’s pages to load quickly when anyone browses your website.  People are impatient!  It is vital your website is fast.

We use an AWS server to host our lawn care clients’ websites.  Optimized for speed and security, you can rest assured your web pages will be ready to load onto the pages quickly as people browse your website.

Company Email Addresses

Company Emails For Lawn Care Companies

Drop the Gmail and get a real company email!

Setting up a company email can be complicated depending on where you register your domain and who you choose to host your website.  Get your company emails set up for your lawn care website the easy way by having us set it up for you.