Content Is Still King Even For Lawn Care Companies!

Content is king on the internet.  At the end of the day, all the internet is, is content!

Content in the form of pictures, graphics, videos, and copy, or words on web pages.  Without quality content optimized for SEO, your website doesn’t stand much of a chance at ever ranking well.

Let’s Beef Up The Content On Your Lawn Care Website

The owner of iGoPro Marketing is a published author.  He’s also a green industry veteran.  Once you hire us to create content for your website, your work is done.  We will take it from there and create engaging content for your website that will produce results.

Blogs and Links For Lawn Care Companies

Blogs and links go hand in hand.

Blogs often have several links found within the paragraph text of the article.  Blogs are often “link-worthy.”  Let us explain how they can benefit your lawn care business and how they can get your website found more often in the search results.

Long Tail Keyword Optimization

The search query entered for the search results above was “1-time mowing service near me.”  Obviously, there are a number of reasons to not want to offer 1-time mows, but BNB Lawn Mowing does offer them at a premium rate so they make money on that 1-time service.  The point is, we have a page on their site for Google to rank for this specific longtail keyword phrase.

Blogging Gets Your Website Found For Specific Keyword Phrases

One basic principle to understand about websites and search engines is the fact that search engines rank web pages, not websites!  Depending on the specific search query the user typed (or spoke, voice search…) into the search bar, Google or any other search engine will display the most relevant pages of websites that they feel best match the search intent.  This is not always your website’s homepage!

We build out a page on our lawn care clients’ websites for each service they offer.  If it’s in the budget, we’ll also do the same for specific services in specific cities or another type of service area.

Blogs allow lawn care businesses to focus on a long-tail keyword that holds value to their business.  This is one of the best ways to get ideal customers on your website.

Links Are Like Votes For The Credibiitliy of Your Lawn Care Business

There are actually several types of links…we won’t bore you with the technical details of each here.  Let’s talk about internal links, external links, and backlinks right now.

Internal Links

Internal links are links between pages on your own website.  Since you are in full control over these links, they don’t matter as much as backlinks do for SEO purposes but can create a better user experience (UX) and still hold some weight as far as SEO goes.

The idea is to make sure your website links to the pages most valuable to your lawn care business more often than other pages found on your website.

External Links

External links are links on your website going to another web page on another website.  These can be useful to provide context to the search engines to clarify exactly what your web page is about.  The website you are linking to gets a ‘backlink’ from you doing this.


Backlinks are links on other websites that lead that website’s visitor to a page on your website.  Backlinks are the king of all links and arguably the SEO factor that holds the most weight in general.  In our opinion, backlinks benefit websites needing to rank nationally or worldwide much more than local businesses like lawn care companies.

But, if your local lawn care business can earn backlinks, it is sure to be noticed by search engines and you will be rewarded with a higher position in the search resutls.  Never pay for a backlink.  Create content on your website worth linking to, in your blog for example, to earn backlinks.

Backlinks from spammy or non-relevant websites can actually hurt your SEO.  Backlinks are an advanced SEO concept and should be handled with care by an SEO expert