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If you are wanting to know more details regarding a specific service we offer, please service the page on our website dedicated to explaining that service.

And, by all means, after consuming the information provided on our website and in the FAQs below you still have a question or are interested in working together, let’s hop on the free 15-minute call we offer.

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What if 15-minutes isn’t long enough for us to decide if we want to use your service?

That’s no problem.  We can send you an invoice for $250 so we can actually spend some time getting more familiar with your current online presence so we can have an educated conversation specific as to how our service can benefit your business.

You will get what we call our ‘initial notes’ before we hop on a 2nd 30-minute call.  The initial notes we provide will be the blueprint as to what needs to be done to get your business results online.

The initial notes are yours to keep and use however you wish – make the optimizations yourself or hand them off to another website/SEO company.

If you choose to use our service, the $250 payment reduces your first invoice by $250 – this was going to be the 1st thing we were going to do anyway.

How long does it take to get results?

Assuming you are having us optimize your website and provide at least 1 round of SEO (a 6-month engagement or SEO block we offer), you will get results within a month of providing us with your business’s info, photos, and access to any existing properties.

We always run ads to get our clients results fast when it’s within the budget.

How long does it take you to build a website?

Once you provide us with your business’s info, photos, and access to any existing properties, your website will be ready within 1 month if not sooner.

What if I already have a website?

In most cases, we recommend having us ‘re-build’ your website.  Even if your website ‘looks good’ it is probably not technically sound in Google’s eyes.

Do you guarantee results?

No web company can ‘guarantee’ results.  The bottom line is if you give us the budget needed to get the results, we will get the results.  We are seriously only limited by our client’s budget.  BNB Lawn Mowing’s SEO results are a perfect example of what we do when we ‘don’t have a budget.’  Another example is the rapid success of iGoProLawnSupply.com because once again, we were not constrained by any budget.

What’s the minimum I can spend to get results?

In our opinion, the $3,500 website we offer is the minimum.  It includes everything needed to set the foundation for success online for a new or small lawn care company.  Depending on your service area, services offered, competition, and ability to get reviews and make regular posts, it very well could be all you need as shown by Boiling Spring Lawn Care’s and Green Touch Lawn Care’s SEO results.

What if I just want you to professionally set up and manage Google Search Ads for my existing website?

We can do that but if your website is not built to convert, it very well could be a waste of money.  We’re happy to take a peek at your website and give you our honest opinion as to whether it is worth running ads to your website or not.

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